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                   Creating a safe, supportive learning

                   environment for our children is everyone's

                   responsibility. Together we can make bullying

                   a thing of the past.

     Safe Schools Program

Founded in 2001, this program awards Sonoma County public schools with funding to purchase anti-bullying and anti-violence student education, materials and training curricula.


Bullying at school affects at least 1 in 7 children in our public schools. The long-term effects on bullied children have been well-documented and can be devastating, including diminished self-esteem, depression, even suicide. However, bullying and school violence have been determined to decrease with education and student/teacher awareness.

Each year, mini-grants are awarded to schools who are selected in collaboration with our Safe Schools contact at the Sonoma County Office of Education, an expert in the field of violence prevention. Each school chooses to implement the anti-bullying program that best fits their needs and must be a state-approved, evidence-based program in order to be funded by our mini-grant.

For information, contact Linda at

SCMAAF would like to thank our generous donors to our Safe School Program, including Elly Werner, Leo Hoefer and Sutter Medical Group of the Redwoods.

Safe School Awards 2017-2018

School Name

Guerneville School (k-8)
Santa Rosa Middle School
Kid Street Charter
Slater Middle School
Wilson Elementary
Meadow View Elementary
Helen Lehman Elementary
Rincon Valley Middle School
Yulupa Elementary
Comstock Middle School
Kwana Springs Elementary
Sonoma Valley High School
Adelle Harrison Middle School
Dunbar Elementary
Analy High School

Program Name

Safe School Ambassadors
Safe School Ambassadors
Kid Street Social emotioal learning program
Wise Technology Use Program
Toolbox Live!
Too Good For Violence
Bully Prevention Program
Safe School Ambassadors
RULER Program
BEST Plus/Restorative Responses
Too Good For Violence
Positive School Climate/ PLUS with peer leaders
Safe School Ambassadors
Restorative Practices
Safe School Ambassadors

Every 7 Minutes: the Danger of Bullying



SCMAAF - Safe Schools Program from Visual Story Media, LLC on Vimeo.

Funds awarded to elementary, middle and high schools throughout Sonoma County have helped teachers purchase needed anti-bullying curriculum. Grant funds have been used to buy materials, provide training to staff, counselors and students in order to implement and maintain programs that address bullying at school. Examples of programs and curricula which have been purchased include:

  • A Bully Free School
  • Anti-Cyberbullying Club for students
  • Second Step Bullying Program
  • Safe School Ambassador training
  • The Toolbox Project
  • Waking Up Courage Assembly

How to Apply

This year's applications are being processed. Print out a Mini-grant Application. Applications must be received by Friday, November 17, 2017. Thank you for your interest in the Safe Schools program grant.

If you have further questions about the grant program, please contact our Safe Schools Program Chair at .

Grants Awarded

  • Cinnabar School(Team of Five Conference specialized training for five member team in San Francisco)
  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School (B.E.S.T. Practices, Violence Prevention Program)
  • Slater Middle School (Bully Prevention Month/Workshops/Video production)
  • Adele Harrison Middle School (Safe Ambassadors Program)
  • Wilson Elementary School (Toolbox program (BMX Stunt Team))
  • Guerneville School (School counselor to help foster violence & bully prevention)
  • Lawrence E. Jones Middle School (Anti-Bullying T-Shirt for students and staff for Stand Up and Speak Out anti-bullying program)
  • University Elementary School La Fiesta (No Bullies Here - Stop Bullying Assembly/School Wide Procedures - also supported by PTA)
  • Westside Union Elementary School (Joyful Mind Project - Mindfulness for Schools & Families. Also uses Toolbox Project)
  • Rancho Cotate Middle School (Cougars say "No to Bullying" assess through surveys, promotional materials)
  • Park Side/Brook Haven Sebastopol (Peacemaker/Ambassador Program - Training materials, Teeshirts, Posters, etc.)
  • Thomas Page Academy, Cotati (This is a Safe Place - Develop School wide procedures, posters, print materials)
  • Comstock Middle School (Community Building Days, part of BEST PLUS programs, Safe School Ambassadors)
  • Cali Calmecac Language Academy (Soul Shoppe, Keeping Schools Safe and Bully-Free, Training, Program days, Peacemaker Program)
  • JX Wilson Elementary (Buddy Bench and Conflict Resolution Program - CRU Institute, Training Materials, T-shirts, Bench & Materials)
  • Riebli Elementary School (Bully Prevention - Setting the Stage Each Year - Already use BEST)
  • Roseland Elementary (Feelings Fuel Behaviors - Kimochis curriculum, toolkit, curriculum related tools, teacher training)
  • Kid Street Learning Center (Toolbox Implementation Year 5, teacher training, substitutes, materials)
  • Sonoma Valley High School (Changing School Climate: Peer Leaders Uniting Students, training for 2 teachers in Sacramento (Oct. 2015)
  • El Molino High School (Safe School Ambassadors - 8 family group meetings, training instructional materials)
  • Petaluma Junior High School (Safe School Ambassadors)
  • Mattie Washburn School, Windsor (Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit, Staff Training - ongoing program)


Funding for this program is received from the SCMAAF annual Garden Tour as well as private donations directed to this cause. In cooperation with the Sonoma County Office of Education, we have been able to positively affect thousands of school-aged children throughout the county for more than 10 years.

What is Bullying?

For basic information on what constitutes bullying, please read this article by the American Academy of Pediatrics - Bullying: It's Not OK

Opportunities to get involved

If you are interested in becoming involved with this worthwhile program of the Alliance or would like more information, please contact Safe Schools Program Chair at

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