Our Sponsors

The SCMAAF and The 25th Anniversary Garden Tour wishes to thank our generous sponsors.

From Rose Sponsors of $1000, to Forget-me-not Sponsors of $100, we are grateful to the businesses and individuals that help us complete our mission.

If you would like to sponsor, go to  Garden Tour Sponsorship

Media Sponsors:

           Kaiser Permanente                       KSRO                           The Press Democrat


Shawn and Patrick Devlin 
Joanne Dow 
Joan Gates and Steve Marlow
Annette Hutchinson
William and Barbara Ramsey
Alan and Mary Schroeder
Kirk and Maria Pappas


Patricia Anderson
Dr. Michael and Lynn Davis
John and Patricia Devin
Pat and Cindy Gallaher
Marcia Luisi, MD

George Schneider DDS
Peter and Trish Shapiro
Bill Silva
Lisa and Jeffrey Sugarman
Dan L. Lightfoot in memory of Vernon & Peg Lightfoot
Santa Rosa Orthopaedic Medical Group


Silver Anniversary Sponsors: $300+

Anderson Ziegler Law Firm

Nordby Signature Homes

Dr Richard and Julia Andolsen
Karen and Joel Erickson
Dan and Ann Gladding

The Codding Foundation

Karen and Ralph Hanahan
Larry Marianella, MD PC
Judy Miller
Dr. Jason and Emily Pope
Richard F. Powers, MD
Laura Robertson
Ransom and Marilyn Turner
Kent and Tresi Yinger


Poppy Sponsors: $250+

Lynda Angell
Jack Atkins and
Yvonne Darling-Atkins
Donna Born
Connie and Dan Earl
Richard and Barbara Ferrington
Kathryn Koh and 
Peggy and Jim Price
William and Colleen Meseroll
Lynn Mortenson, MD
Sudha Schlesinger
David and Charlene Staples


Forget-me-Not Sponsors: $100+

Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller & Moskowitz

Patrick and Karen Caskey
Audrey and Ron Chapman
Brad Drexler, MD and
Pamela Drexler
Dave and Louisa Fraser
Jackie and John Gnam
Bob and Gina Merwin

Cindy and Mark Popovich
Dr. William and Debbi Ricks 
Dorothy Schmidt
Mary Lou Sullivan
Nancy Sumida
Carol Winter  
Matt and Patresa Zwerling
Jean Turner
Suzel Deer - Optimal Health
Jane SInclair
Diane Schoenrock
Ellen Mundell

Pacific Foundation for Medical Care


Russ & Judy Dieter
Marsha Vas DuPre
Cyndi Niendorf
Virginia Norman
Betty Sherer
Nancy Smith
Lee Van Giesen
Dolores Zeni

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